On the cusp

This morning, what seemed another lengthy cable car queue led to a quiet day on the pistes. It was almost busy for an hour in the morning, but after that, people seemed to drift away to the restaurants and terraces.

It is still cold on the mountain. The temperature this morning at the top was minus two degrees and a light wind added a chill to the air. In the village, we are on the cusp of spring. The roads are clear of snow and flowers are making an appearance. Of course that could change in the blink of an eye and winter may yet return. The hand warmers are still, well, to hand, for the time being.

                                       Near Gummi lift

It was well above freezing temperature on the way home, but despite that, the skiing was good all the way to the nursery slopes. To cap it all, the rope tow was working.

Yesterday’s trip to the hill brought 11,371 vertical metres in 24 lift rides and 60 kilometres travelled. Today’s figures are still under consideration.

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