Still cold, still sunny

It was cold again today, though not so much as recently, and still sunny, though with some light cloud.  This incredible period of weather continues unabated for the moment.  The on piste skiing is supreme. You have to wonder how it might end.  Biblical level storms perhaps?

                            Light clouds in a blue sky

It remains quiet of course.  At about 9.20am, I was straight on to the cable car.  The only queue of the day was caused by a temporary hiccup in the operation of the Mannlichen chair lift.

One of the rules of skiing in Wengen is that however quiet the racecourse might be, there will be a crowd at the Hundschopf. Today proved to be the exception to that rule and I skied through this famous landmark all the way to the Bumps T bar without encountering another person.

The day brought 11,301 vertical metres in 25 lift rides and 60 kilometres travelled.

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