Easy going

At about mid day, on the left of the Lager lift, a largish group of skiers had made a temporary picnic table from their skis.  On this makeshift table was a substantial spread and several bottles of wine. 

It was that sort of day, easy going and relaxed.  It was warmer than for a while, but with excellent snow and few people occupying the mountain.  

I called in at my own favourite picnic lunch stop, by the Tschuggen T bar.  Often it is a struggle to find space on the bench which runs along the sides of the building.  Today, there were just a couple of people dozing in the sun.

                             From Tschuggen

The weather forecast promises more of the same for tomorrow. I am sure we can cope. A day in the sun brought 11,369 vertical metres in 25 lift rides and 61 kilometres travelled.

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