Colder than expected

Early this morning our weather gauge registered a couple of degrees above freezing. I thought briefly about leaving a layer or so of clothes at home, but thankfully discarded the notion. There is still a cold north wind blowing on the mountain and it made its presence felt for most of the day.

My predictions for the day were wrong completely. I thought it might be warm and it was cold. I thought it might be overcast and it was sunny in the main. I thought it might be quiet, but there were plenty of skiers around in the morning at least. I think I need a need a new crystal ball, or at least a more reliable weather app.

                           Mid afternoon

I am reluctant, on the basis of today’s inaccuracies, to predict what might happen tomorrow. So here are a few observations instead. Many people left the village this morning. Fewer people arrived this afternoon. The Co-op was very busy at 4.30pm. Please draw your own conclusions.

In a strangely similar day to yesterday, I skied 10,523 vertical metres (again) in 22 lift rides (again) and 56 kilometres travelled (again). I am sure however that I did not ski exactly the same pistes, if only because the Boningen ski club had today Piste Distolboden closed for race training.

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