Is this the end?

The season has several weeks to run yet, and has been extended recently. It was colder too this morning and a chilly wind and a very light cloud kept the snow in good order for much of the day. However, there were few skiers on the mountain and the day had an end of term feel. I doubt it will be busy until Friday at the earliest. As good as it is to have an uncrowded mountain, for the sake of local businesses if nothing else, a few more skiers would be welcome.

                                         Light cloud

We are never happy of course. It is too warm or too cold, too busy or too quiet. The perfect balance of conditions and number of skiers is different in each person’s mind and the best skiing day might be one of any number of days.

For me, today was a pretty good day bringing 9,213 vertical metres in 19 lift rides and 55 kilometres travelled.

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