Groundhog day

I have said many times that the weather is central to everything around this neck of the woods. Life is spent out of doors and whether it is raining, snowing or the sun is shining is pretty important.

Just now, we are locked into the Bernese Oberland version of Groundhog day. Each morning is sunny and just a little warmer than we would want. The snow conditions are icy early on, turning to slush as the day progresses. The only difference to the days is that a little more brown landscape appears each dawn as the snow recedes slightly further.

                                    Brown on white

Every weather app suggests this will continue for a few days yet. Despite everything, the skiing remains good for the most part. Piste Distolboden and the Punch Bowl were exceptional today. Only Wixi let the side down.

Another warm, sunny day brought 10,213 vertical metres in 21 lift rides and 58 kilometres travelled.

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