What the weather holds

Across two ’phones and and iPad I have accumulated numerous weather apps. Occasionally, their forecasts coincide nicely, but often they are at odds with each other for any day but the next. The trick is to choose the forecast with which you are happiest and disregard the rest.

If accuracy is needed though, Meteo Swiss is the most reliable app for the Jungfrau region, largely because it forecasts only a few days ahead. Of those taking the longer view, AccuWeather comes out on top, so it is disappointing that they expect rain in the middle of next week. I am sure it will snow in April, but probably too late in the season to do much good for the skiing.

                                     Sunny with some light cloud

It was marginally colder today and chilly enough to keep the snow in good condition into the afternoon. It is Friday of course, but not many people arrived for the start of a long weekend. It is difficult to know how many skiers might turn up tomorrow. Sun is forecast, with rain next week. It may be the last hurrah of the season for the ski clubs.

Yet another sunny day brought 10,249 vertical metres in 21 lift rides and 61 kilometres travelled.

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