All quiet in Wengen

It was warm this morning, almost five degrees on the balcony as early as 7.00am. It was a day for a prompt start and I was on the cable car by shortly after 8.30am.

Last night I speculated as to whether the ski clubs would be on the mountain today. Full marks to the Wengen and Boningen ski clubs for a good turn out each. Other clubs had decided, seemingly, that the season is over. In terms of numbers of skiers, they may well be correct.

                                      North face in the shade

There is a suggestion (possibly blind hope) that the change in the weather next week may lead to snow rather than rain. Fingers crossed. A cold wind on Scheidegg this afternoon belied the warmth of the morning. In the village late on, it was high summer.

A day to ski north facing slopes brought 10,549 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 69 kilometres travelled.

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