The clocks changed last night and we lost an hour’s sleep. I think everyone who skied today was later onto the mountain than intended. The cable car at just after 9.00am was full with local skiers. There was a murmur of conversation on the platform, but nothing too loud on what seemed early morning still.

It was another day when the gods had painted the sky a uniform bright blue and added a bright sun to finish things off nicely. It was quieter still than yesterday on the piste, but the sky was full. The perfect weather had brought out the region’s paragliders. Sat on the Lager lift shortly after mid-day, there were at least twenty wings above the Lauterbrunnen valley.

                                       Blue splendour 

By mid-afternoon the pistes and the skies had emptied as people headed home for a new working week. It might be very quiet tomorrow.

A slow start to a perfect spring day brought 8,905 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 55 kilometres travelled.

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