The weather changes

After weeks of sunshine, give or take a day or so, the weather has turned finally. The cold weather we were promised hasn’t arrived yet; it was almost eight degrees on the balcony this morning. The precipitation has arrived though, in the form of rain in the village and snow on the very top of the mountain.

                                  Wixi chairlift in the clouds

The clouds were low and heavy all day, but it was one of those occasions when it is impossible to see twenty yards ahead, but the few feet of visibility needed to ski was fine completely. Tomorrow is forecast to be colder with significant snow. That is from MeteoSwiss, so it is as nailed on as it gets in the weather forecasting game.

After the quiet of yesterday, the pistes were more or less deserted today. Some of the hotels end their season soon and it may be that the village has finished for business before the lifts close.

The day brought 8,267 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 43 kilometres travelled.

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