Back in the mountains

The Idle Skiers have been in Wengen for a week now.  We managed to escape the U.K.’s travel woes and arrived here in the late afternoon only a few hours later than we hoped. For much of the time since then, the sun has shone and we have walked the hills, with the occasional tennis match thrown in for good measure. 

There is a welcome feeling in the village of summer life as it used to be.  The holiday makers are back, from all over the world it seems, there is a buzz to the place and, as ever, the trains run on time.  

                                                The Lauterbrunnen valley this morning

Today was hot and very sunny, almost too hot for the long walk on the Murren side of the valley. The weather has changed though this evening. Just as I headed up to the Co-op for some last minute shopping, the thunder clouds rolled in and torrential rain fell. The clouds are clearing now, but the forecast for tomorrow is not great.

The trick with modern forecasting is to check different apps until you find one for the next day which you like and stick with that, but tonight they are all poor. We have a tennis court booked for mid-day, so we hope for the best.

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