The band played on

Today is a National holiday in Switzerland, celebrating the Federal Charter from 1291. Pride in the nation is still permitted here thankfully. Indeed it is encouraged. Wengen was awash with flags and villagers in traditional dress, along with alpenhorns aplenty. The sun shone and it was an ideal day for a celebration.

                                          A flag flies in Wengen

We had booked a tennis court for mid-day, which with hindsight might not have been the best plan. The marquee on the ice rink, next to the courts, was full to overflowing for an apero. On the other side of the courts, as we arrived, the village band was setting up. It was a vibrant atmosphere, but so loud we couldn’t hear each other from opposite sides of the net.

We had played a couple of games when the band started its opening number and then played on for most of our time on court. Mrs IS was so distracted by the impressive musical repertoire and the general hubbub that she dumped the first set 6-3, before staging a recovery to take the second set by the same margin.

Darkness is falling now and I doubt it will be long before the fireworks begin.

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