The forecast this morning was for a good start to the day with heavy rain later.  Sure enough, the sun was shining early on, so the question was, which walk to attempt before the rain fell?

I settled on the path to Mannlichen, the advantages being that it starts just behind the village and is over and done with in a couple of hours.  The disadvantages being that it is very steep and in the full glare of the sun.

                                          From Mannlichen before the rain

The weather changed quickly though and the clouds were rolling in whilst I was still in the trees low down.  By the time I reached the first of the avalanche barriers it was raining heavily. The rest of the walk seemed a grim prospect, but the rain disappeared as quickly as it arrived.  As I took the wet weather gear off, I was passed by a runner, moving at an incredible pace on the steep path.

At the top, I thought about heading to Scheidegg, but it was grey again and a bit miserable.  The cable car had me back in the village in a few minutes and then the rain set in nicely, followed by thunder and lightning.  It is still raining now and the MeteoSwiss updates are for more storms heading in our direction.  Hopefully, things will be better tomorrow.

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