Return to Kingpoint

The Idle Skier returned to Kingpoint marina in Plymouth on Sunday for a week sailing off the Cornish coast. The opportunity came at short notice and was grabbed with both hands after several sailing trips hoped for had failed to get off the ground (or should that be on to the water).

We worked our way along the Cornish coast in strong winds and often heavy seas.  The sailing season is coming to an end and our ports of call were largely empty of other yachts.  At Dittisham, just up the river Dart from Dartmouth, we had a choice of any number of mooring buoys.

That evening, an intended trip to the Ferry Boat Inn was abandoned as the rain lashed down. Instead we opened some red wine and as the evening wore on, our skipper produced a harmonica. Yacht Bewitched echoed to the clink of glasses and the sounds of ancient sea shanties.  For one evening, we were transported from the high tech world of modern yachting to the nineteenth century.

                               Dittisham in the morning

In the morning, the sky was clearing but the wind was still strong and in Start bay we shot along at eight knots. The week continued in much the same vein throughout, with good winds, some rain and occasional blue skies.

This morning we scooted into Plymouth Sound ahead of a nasty storm. The rain hit as we cleared the breakwater and whilst we cleaned down the yacht there was a heavy swell even in the sheltered marina.

I am back in London now and it is still raining.

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