The Idle Skiers are in Cornwall, our annual visit. Many years ago, when our Westie joined the payroll, we stayed at a hotel on the Devon – Cornwall border. It was (and still is) a huntin’, shootin’, fishin’ hotel which welcomed dogs. The hotel was probably happier with the dogs than their owners, come to think of it.

In recent years we have gravitated to Padstow, at the mouth of the River Camel. During the 1970s, the town spread up the hill from the estuary, but the old fishing port is pretty much unchanged from a century or more ago.

                        The outer harbour at Padstow, early morning

The town is awash with visitors everyday, but at this time of year, in the early mornings and the evenings, the crowds on the narrow streets thin out and Padstow is at its best. It is another story in the restaurants and pubs. A cost of living crisis grips the country, but here locals and tourists fill every watering hole late into the evening.

We walked several miles on the Cornish coastal path today. Tomorrow we will be in Polzeath and hopefully the surf will be up.

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