No creature is stirring

It is Christmas Eve and here in the lower part of the village no creature is stirring.  It was different on the high street this afternoon; it didn’t seem crowded, but busy at least.  The bars were all doing a steady trade. I am sure the hotel restaurants are full now.

This morning cloud filled the valley.  It was still raining, but only slightly.  My ski gear had dried off from yesterday and I headed for the cable car more in hope than expectation.  With fifteen others, I reached Mannlichen to find that visibility was pretty good, a mournful wind was blowing and there was a smattering of new snow.  Perhaps the last should best be described as slush.

                                    Almost sunny

Mannlichen had suffered in the rain. There were bare patches and pools of water near the bottom of the chairlift. The skiing was okay though on a very quiet mountain. Saturday is a day for the local ski clubs, but not a single one of them showed up today.

In the afternoon it was deserted at the Eigernordwand chair, which was lost in fog. You really can’t miss the lift; just keep heading downhill from Gummi and you will find it, but today was one of those days when it seemed to have been spirited away.

Wixi was good again. It will change tomorrow when the crowds hit the mountain and churn the soft snow. Late on, the sun came quite close to making an appearance and when I reached the village, there were patches of blue sky.

Another far better than expected day brought 8,393 vertical metres in 17 lift rides and 45 kilometres travelled.

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