Christmas Day

The weather’s gift to Wengen for Christmas was a sunny day.  Early on it seemed like it might be a cold day as well, but that idea disappeared as the sun made its way around the Eiger and onto the pistes.

It had frozen overnight though and Mannlichen was quick and skittery early on. The pisteurs had done the best job possible, given what they had to work with, but there were gaps in the piste and many small streams which should flow only in spring were in full spate.

                              The north face of the Eiger on Christmas Day

It was quiet first thing, but people made their way onto the mountain by early afternoon and for the first day in a while a couple of local ski clubs, Wengen and Wilderswil, were out and about.

On the way home, joy of joys, the run to Innerwengen was open for the first time this season, a day later than last year. It is my favourite run in the Jungfrau region and despite the weather was nigh on perfect. It has the added advantage of avoiding the dismal forest trail along the top of the hill.

Yet again the day was better than could be expected, though a bit crowded in the afternoon. It brought 8,564 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 48 kilometres travelled.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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