Far from the madding crowd

Yesterday afternoon I headed along the high street shortly after a train had arrived at the station.  The road was busy with new arrivals, trailing luggage and skis.  It didn’t bode well for today.  This morning, I expected a queue at the cable car station and far too many skiers on the restricted number of pistes open, most of those narrowed by lack of snow.

The cable car was slightly busier than it has been, but I was straight on to the platform and on the piste in minutes.  The madding crowd had lingered over breakfast.  By midday Mannlichen was very quiet.  Scheidegg had more skiers, but what should be one of the busy days of the season was anything but that.

                    Almost sunny again

The weather was changeable. It was gloomy early, there was nearly sunshine for a while and it snowed on Wixi in the afternoon. The snow changed to rain as I headed past Bumps T bar. It has been raining into the evening, the drops pounding on the windows earlier on.

The skiing was still pretty good, despite the vagaries of the weather, though the snow was very soft in the afternoon.

The day brought 8,201 vertical metres in 19 lift rides and 46 kilometres travelled.

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