League of nations

The skiing here at the moment falls well short of its best, but many resorts are in a worse state sadly.  Accordingly, we have extra skiers, above and beyond our normal quotas.  German speaking (Swiss and high German), English and Dutch voices are common on the mountain on any winter’s day, but in the last week we have had French (not heard here to any great extent since Club Med closed a few years ago) and Italian added to the vocal mix.

Notwithstanding this league of nations, it was quieter on the mountain than it has been the last few days.  An indifferent forecast accounted for many local skiers, I am sure.


It turned out to be a good ski day. The weather was better than forecast, and the snow was good to soft, as the horse racers say. There might even be some snow tonight, though the chances are it will fall as rain in the village.

A day of parts, with sun and cloud, firm snow and soft snow brought 7,271 vertical metres in 16 lift rides and 42 kilometres travelled.

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