How green is the valley

It was dark this morning to such a degree we had all the lights on during breakfast.  Despite the busy village yesterday evening, the cable car and the mountain were both quiet.  It did feel slightly colder this morning, but perhaps that was just wishful thinking.  

Cold or not, it was icy on Mannlichen.  That didn’t change much even as cloud turned to blue sky towards midday. The snow was better again at Scheidegg and the skiing on Wixi was very good.  Either that, or I have become so inured to poor conditions, I don’t notice any more.

                                How green is the valley: the view from Bumps

The view from Bumps this afternoon, along the valley towards Interlaken, was truly dispiriting, with hardly any snow at all in sight. The army is back in town working on the racecourse. The top of the course was closed as additional catch fencing was put in place at the first bend. The course as it reaches Innerwengen was still open to everyday skiers. It is so soft it is difficult to see the downhill finishing there unless the weather changes drastically. It is not quite the worst start to the winter we can remember in our time here, but it is pushing it pretty close.

A day when I skied the same pistes in the same order as yesterday came up with unsurprisingly similar statistics, namely 8,179 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 45 kilometres travelled.

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