Lost in the clouds

It was dark again this morning.  At 7.30am it seemed like midnight and we compared watches before deciding it was  time to get up really.  The valley was full of cloud and to top things off nicely, it was raining as well.

On Mannlichen things didn’t seem too bad.  It had snowed a little, the cloud was lighter and inevitably it was quiet.  There was no improvement as the day went on.  In fact it became worse as the cloud thickened and the snow softened.  

                                            Holenstein, before the cloud thickened

In the afternoon there were few people on the slopes and it seemed a good idea to head home as well. Tomorrow should be better, though Innerwengen and the run to the village below Allmend are now closed. At this rate, we will all be skiing on a single mogul on Wixi.

A shortened day brought 5,341 vertical metres in 11 lift rides and 32 kilometres travelled.

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