Is there hope?

Weather forecasting must be a thankless task, even in this age of satellites. The margin for error seems to be enormous, especially somewhere like the Jungfrau Region, where high mountains and local winds play havoc with computer forecasts.  

Most weather apps agree it will rain tomorrow, early on at least. Most also agree there might be a little snow next week.  Even MeteoSwiss, that most conservative of sources, has some snow forecast for Monday, the last day on which it is prepared to opine. There may be some hope, but things still look pretty grim.


                                Towards the Jungfraujoch

Today was forecast to be sunny, but it never really happened. The sky lightened as the day went on, but that was about all. Mannlichen this morning was both tricky and busy, so I decamped early for Scheidegg. Yet again, the snow seemed better immediately after leaving the Gummi chair.

Wixi has had the best skiing this week, but it too was icy and difficult when I arrived today. It improved as the day went on, never soft but a few moguls starting to form. I am trying to keep a positive outlook in this blog, but the weather gods are making it hard work.

A skiing day that was never easy, but with occasional highlights, brought 6,632 vertical metres in 15 lift rides and 34 kilometres travelled.

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