More than a crowd

It was sunny this morning and slightly colder again. The cable car wasn’t busy, but there was more than a crowd when I reached Mannlichen. The last of the holiday makers and a large number of local skiers combined to make the run to the four man chair uncomfortably busy.  

I moved on quickly and yet again Scheidegg provided the better snow.  It was quieter as well for a while, though numbers picked up late in the morning.  An early lunch provided some valuable breathing space in the afternoon, when everyone else decamped to the mountain restaurants. A brief further busy period ended quickly and for an hour or so, all was peace and quiet.


                                   From Wixi in the morning

The alternate day theory applied again and it was icy until well into the afternoon, after yesterday’s soft snow. This was good news I am sure, for the Europa Cup GS run on the racecourse today. There are often two days of Europa Cup events on the weekend prior to the Lauberhorn proper. As I have mentioned in previous years, these races are normally watched by three men and a dog, provided the dog has been unable to plead a previous engagement. Today, however, in the afternoon sun, a decent number of spectators were gathered at the start hut.

Whisper it, but there is some snow forecast for next week. Fresh snow in race week is usually the last thing the race organisers want and it would be ironic after the long bout of warm weather and rain if this week’s final preparations were hindered by new snow. Realistically though, I doubt enough will fall for there to be a significant problem. I am sure the colder temperatures will be very welcome.

A decent day of sun with icy snow brought 6,690 vertical metres in 15 lift rides and 33 kilometres travelled.

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