Slow motion

It was clear this morning that the cable car was having some trouble.  At 10.00am, one car was stopped just above the nursery slope, with its counterpart, of course, suspended above the Mannlichen cliff face.  It had been stopped for a while, and remained broken for some time longer, I believe.

That left the train as the only option, but the down train heading for Lauterbrunnen was late, as was up train to Scheidegg. At the top, the Honegg chair was stopped as well.  It was a slow motion start to the day.

Many holiday skiers have left and local skiers were also thin on the ground.  Of the local clubs, only the Wengen ski club turned up.  It was colder still today, despite the brilliant blue sky.  The snow was in good shape for the most part and it turned out to be the best skiing day for a week or so.  

                                       The Jungfrau in the evening

Some cloud rolled in during the afternoon, just enough to obscure the sun for a while. This evening, whilst the Europa Cup teams headed out of the village for their next race, it was clear, cold and crisp. Tomorrow is forecast to be cloudy, with snow promised for Monday.

A good skiing day brought 7,125 vertical metres in 20 lift rides and 35 kilometres travelled.

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