A lighter shade of grey

It is the Thursday of Lauberhorn week.  The racing should begin tomorrow, with a Super G at midday, and the village is in its usual frenzy. The last preparations to the course are underway and the seemingly endless numbers of temporary buildings in the village are ready finally.  The Patrouille Suisse was overhead today and hopefully the weather will allow them to return for the main event.  As usual, the forecasts differ markedly, but none of them promise a blue sky weekend.

It was grey again today, but a lighter shade than yesterday.  Visibility on the mountain ranged between just about okay and quite good for most of the day.

                                 A lighter grey

The cable car this morning was busy and so was the first run, but after that, as the skiers spread out, it was as quiet as it has been all week. The best skiing was on Wixi yet again.  I was able to ski back to the village today for the second time this week, but last night’s rain had turned the piste into a skating rink and it was tricky from Bumps T bar all the way home.  Several skiers walked the last section under the railway bridge to the nursery hill rope tow. 

A good day on the mountain brought 8,457 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 44 kilometres travelled.

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