Lauberhorn Monday

For a few minutes this morning it looked like it might be a sunny day, but it didn’t happen. We need snow of course, but that didn’t happen either to any great extent. What did happen was a dramatic drop in temperature.  

It was a day for plenty of layers.  I managed five and was only adequately warm.  The forecast is for still colder weather, but I have still a few shots in my locker for fighting off the elements

                 Almost sunshine

This afternoon I was told it was Lauberhorn Monday, when the crowds have gone and the village has a day to recover. Not that everyone has a day off. The shops, bars and restaurants are open of course. The racecourse and the temporary buildings in the village are being dismantled, but the storm of people has gone.

On the mountain though the storm still lingers. This morning brought some good skiing, but as the day wore on the winds picked up again. It was wild weather on Scheidegg by mid afternoon.

A cold and windy day brought 7,001 vertical metres in 15 lift rides and 40 kilometres travelled.

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