Mercury still falling

It was dark again this morning, with heavy clouds over the valley and a seemingly grim prospect for the day. It had snowed overnight, although not heavily. As always, despite the poor prospects, it was best to go take a look on the mountain.  A thousand metres difference in altitude between here and the top of Mannlichen worked wonders.  

The early bleak weather picked up and the morning’s skiing was pretty good.  The mercury has been falling still and it was cold today, though easier than yesterday without the strong wind and the attendant chill.

       The Eiger north face in the afternoon 

It snowed for a while before midday, but then a few patches of blue sky appeared. Wixi was bathed in sunshine late on. The skiing there was good again although the mainly man made snow was granular and slippery. This evening the snow cannon lights are shining brightly on Bumps and the runs to the village. It may not be a vintage season but the lift company is working hard.

The best news of the day was that the racecourse to Innerwengen had reopened after the weekend’s World Cup events. The run to the finish area was in great condition. The only downside was the fairly lengthy yomp past the works to dismantle the temporary stand.

The best day’s skiing for a week or so brought 8,439 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 47 kilometres travelled.

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