All sorts of weather

This morning looked promising and I was away to the cable car fairly promptly. As it turned out though, we have had all sorts of weather. The forecast temperature was very low, but it wasn’t really cold until the afternoon. The early prospect of sunshine seemed to fizzle out after I reached Mannlichen but suddenly there was blue sky, at least for a little while. The sky then turned grey and the light very flat.

                              Almost sunny

It was a frustrating morning all in all. The weather wouldn’t choose to be good or to be poor. For a time, after the blue sky disappeared, it was like skiing in a darkened room, easy to blunder into new, deep artificial snow or to skitter across ice.

In the afternoon the weather finally came to a decision and it snowed heavily for a couple of hours. As so often, visibility improved in the falling snow. The run to Innerwengen was exceptional again, with pristine snow and few skiers.

It has been a mixed day, nowhere near as good as yesterday, but with a few highlights still. All sorts of weather brought 7,769 vertical metres in 17 lift rides and 45 kilometres travelled.

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