More superlatives

There was cloud in the valley again this morning, almost inevitably. The mountain tops were clear though and with some new snow on the ground the day looked promising.  It turned out to be the best day of the season so far.  I seem to have been saying that quite often over the last couple of weeks, but after the Christmas monsoon period, things have picked up enormously.

                 From Holenstein in the morning 

It was bitterly cold. At 8.00am it was minus seven degrees on our balcony, colder still in the village an hour later, and about minus thirteen degrees at Mannlichen. It will be even more chilly tomorrow I am told, so all the winter gear will be deployed. That is Plan B. If it does become any colder after tomorrow, there is no Plan C.

The way home this afternoon took in the full length of the racecourse for the first time this season. The Hundschopf was incredibly icy, as was the pitch down to the railway bridge. Almost beyond belief, there was a ladder propped against the centre of the bridge and two men working there, taking up a good proportion of the narrow piste. The rest of the way to Innerwengen was as good as possible, without any ice or workmen’s ladders.

A great day for this season, or indeed any season, brought 8,960 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 50 kilometres travelled.

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