Very cold

Yesterday was cold, but with plenty of sunshine to give an illusion of warmth.  This morning the sun was obscured slightly by light cloud and it was very cold indeed.  The local skiers had worked this out with time to spare, so yesterday was busy (for a midweek day anyway) and today was quiet.  At least there were no discussions on the chairlifts as to whether the cover should be lowered or not.

                            Blue sky in the afternoon 

In the afternoon, the thin clouds cleared and for the rest of the day we had brilliant blue skies. The skiing was good, although the pistes were a bit icier than yesterday. It is difficult to say what tomorrow will bring. It is forecast to be cold again, but with little sunshine promised the weekend skiers may stay away.

There will be plenty of skiers in Murren anyway. As usual following the Lauberhorn World Cup, the village is hosting the Inferno races this weekend. This morning, on the cable car to Mannlichen, there were a couple of pairs of race skis standing head and shoulders above everything else, last minute preparations no doubt for tomorrow’s downhill. The race will not be ending in Lauterbrunnen this year, and maybe not even at Winteregg. Conditions on the course should be good though, albeit with a long, cold wait at the start.

A bitingly cold day brought 8,932 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 50 kilometres travelled.

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