Colder still

The Saturday crowds arrived after all. The  local ski clubs were on the mountain, along with others from as far away as Biel-Bienne.  There was a queue at the cable car for almost the first time this season, with many more on the gondola from Grund.  Shortly before 10.00am Mannlichen could easily have hung up the “mountain full” sign.

The morning was sunnier than forecast, but it was bitterly cold, minus 22 degrees at Mannlichen with a vicious East wind straight from Siberia.  The skiing was good though, less icy in most places than yesterday.  By midday the crowds on the hill were thinning out and the restaurants were doubtless full to capacity 

             Near Holenstein

It did warm up slightly during the afternoon, either that or I was too numb to notice the temperature.  On Wixi the clouds rolled in and it snowed, lightly at first but with more vim as the afternoon turned into evening.  We have been to dinner with friends this evening and on the way home the falling snow, the heavy white clouds and the village lights made the path home a winter wonderland.

A day cold enough to linger in the memory for some time brought 8,216 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 44 kilometres travelled.

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