We have had some very cold days in the last week and today added to the collection.  The rest of the week looks fairly chilly as well.  It is winter definitely at the moment.

Snow fell steadily last night.  It was still falling lightly this morning, but the clouds were clearing from the direction of Interlaken and the day looked promising.  On Mannlichen at 10.00am the sun was fighting its way through the remaining clouds. The skiing was good.  It was busier than might be expected on a Sunday morning, but nothing like yesterday.

          From Wixi bridge in the afternoon 

The new snow only amounted to about five centimetres in depth, but it made a difference to most of the mountain. Schwarzen, which was a slick as an ice skating rink the other day, was in a fairly benign mood. Wixi had great skiing, although plenty of moguls for almost half the run. It snowed there again as the afternoon progressed.

The lower part of the racecourse was very icy though and I scraped my way down to Innerwengen. The piste bashers were on the World Cup slalom course, so there is a chance it might be open in the next day or so. The piste looked good this afternoon, but whether it will seem the same when heading into the steep section towards the end of the course is another thing entirely.

Another very cold day brought 8,505 vertical metres in 17 lift rides and 46 kilometres travelled.

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