All quiet in Wengen

It has been a quiet day on the mountain.  The Lauberhorn and Inferno races are now a memory and the February crowds are still only a dark speck on the horizon.  The holiday makers who are here this week were out and about of course, but there were few local skiers. Early on it looked like an excellent weather day was in prospect, but as the morning progressed the blue sky over Interlaken didn’t seem to be getting any closer.  Dark clouds buffeted the Eiger until nearly midday.

                      Clouds clearing

Finally the clouds slipped away quietly, the sun appeared instead and an afternoon of good skiing was in prospect. So it turned out to be. The temperature settled at something tolerable and the pistes were less icy than yesterday, though some newly sharpened edges helped as well. At the end of the day, it was a solitary, excellent ski all the way to the village.

A chilly, ultimately sunny day brought 8,575 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 47 kilometres travelled.

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