Gremlins in the system

The Lauberhorn lift was closed yesterday.  It broke on Monday and skiers spent an hour or so on the chairs in very cold weather before being released.  The lift opened again finally this morning.

Last night, this blog failed to post properly. I didn’t realise until Mrs IS pointed out over breakfast the absence of her usual email of my rambling thoughts.  I managed to find the correct button to press early this evening. Clearly, we are suffering from gremlins in the system here in Wengen.

Apart from a few mechanical and technology problems, things continue at their best. The sun shone, the snow squeaked under ski and the crowds stayed away.  It was also a little warmer than it has been for a week or so.  It seems impossible usually for the weather gods to get this right; it is either too cold or too warm, but today they came close to providing the ideal conditions.  All we need now is that really big snowfall, but it seems unlikely for the next few days at least.

                          From the gondola at midday 

The lift company is still working at full pace and more pistes have opened, including the red run which ends at Mary’s Cafe, one of my favourite pistes on the mountain.

It has been a very good day’s skiing, bringing 10,222 vertical metres in 20 lift rides and 56 kilometres travelled.

One thought on “Gremlins in the system

  1. Wow that’s a good days travel for you sir!
    We didn’t get to see you at Christmas break, but keep reading your “ramblings” as Mrs IS Says,.
    We are all off to Italy on the 18th to val gardena so hopefully will have a little more snow than Christmas.
    The lift company did a stirling job over the xmas/new year period!


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