More snow needed

I have said this repeatedly in the last couple of weeks, but today was the best day of the season so far.  The sun shone, there were few skiers around and all the pistes were in good working order. From the cable car in the morning to the Innerwengen chair in the late afternoon, the skiing was superb. Over the last few days several pistes which have been closed so far this winter have come to life, adding immeasurably to the skiing.

                                     The route home 

Still though more snow is needed. The wind blew at Scheidegg last night and exposed many rocks on the mountain ridges. It brought home that our grip on the season remains tenuous, despite the marathon efforts of the lift company. A few days ago, I chatted on the gondola from Holenstein to an elderly local skier, Wengen born and bred. He was optimistic about the season and the future generally. He did mention though that he remembered, many years ago, a single night’s snowfall being almost two metres. Something similar now would be more than welcome.

A great day on the mountain brought 10,287 vertical metres in 21 lift rides and 55 kilometres travelled.

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