Above the clouds

When we woke this morning, the weather didn’t look promising. The lower part of the village was lost in cloud. However, there was a hint of clearer skies higher on the mountain and a check on the Mannlichen webcam proved that to be the case. I was on my way as quickly as possible. Cloudy days in the valley have a habit of becoming cloudy days on the peaks later on.

                  Above the clouds

The skiing was magnificent again, with few skiers around and perfectly groomed pistes at both Mannlichen and Scheidegg. As a bonus, the clouds stayed in the valley and it was only on the way home that I dropped into very cold cloud, somewhere beneath Bumps T bar.

The weather seems to be set fair for a few days at least and as it is Friday tomorrow the mountain will be busier, with people finding an urgent need to work from home, or possibly the chairlifts.

The day brought 11,247 vertical metres in 23 lift rides and 60 kilometres travelled.

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