More gremlins

It was another poor morning, but the skiers of the Bernese Oberland were not deterred.  There was a small queue for the cable car, but given the heavy cloud it was surprising there was a queue at all.  The day did pick up for a while, before deteriorating into a grey afternoon.

It hasn’t been the best day frankly.  This morning, I discovered gremlins had found their way into my WordPress webpage again and many recipients of this blog hadn’t in fact received last night’s edition at all.  In consequence some regular readers will now have received that version several times, as I tried vainly to resolve the problem, and some of you not at all. My apologies to these who I have inundated with emails.  For everyone else, I would apologise as well, but there seems to be a fair chance you would not receive it.

I was distracted this morning in consequence and reached the cable car platform before realising I had forgotten my helmet and goggles.  A return to Central Sport, with additional queuing time, added half an hour to the trip to Mannlichen.  As they say, I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached. 

                  A sunny interval

Mannlichen was busy, with skiers, out of control toboggans and wannabe racers. The best runs were to the mid station at Holenstein and then finally to Grund. On Wixi in the afternoon the queues for the chair lift were the longest of the season. I hope for better things tomorrow, but as some Swiss half term holidays have started already, it may be very busy still.

A day which ranks fairly low in the season’s highlights brought 8,868 vertical metres in 14 lift rides and 47 kilometres travelled.

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