Is anybody there?

It seemed like it might be a busy day when I reached the cable car. There was no queue, but the car was full and was on its way again more or less immediately upon arriving at Mannlichen. On the mountain there were plenty of people around for an hour or so, but the pistes then became very quiet.

                   From Wengenalp

The technical difficulties experienced by the blog over the last few days continue still. I keep writing, but I wonder if anyone is out there. WordPress acknowledge there is a problem with their platform and that they are working on it. We hope for the best.

Forgetting about computer problems for the moment, the day’s skiing has been as good as possible. After the early morning rush, the skiing was magnificent on cold, well groomed pistes. Early cloud gave way to sunshine. Weather forecasting around here is always fraught with difficulty, but tomorrow looks promising.

A great day on the mountain brought 10,984 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 59 kilometres travelled.

One thought on “Is anybody there?

  1. Hi Clive
    Your blogs are coming through and it’s lovely to read them.

    We are on the countdown to Vsl Gardena on the 18th so hopefully will get a little snow to update the pistes.


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