Promise fulfilled

The cable car was full this morning, but again without a queue at all.  As yesterday, the pistes on Mannlichen were busy for an hour or so.  What looked promising in the weather forecast turned out to be near perfect on the day and the skiing conditions were the very best.  

It was sunny and cold, but not the achingly cold temperatures we have had intermittently in the last few weeks. By mid-morning the pistes had quietened and later on were almost deserted.  The only busy piste in the afternoon was Wixi.  The schools races continue at the top of the downhill course and the Wixi lift is of course the racers route back to the start hut.  

                                      A perfect skiing day

Late on clouds crept into the picture, but the last of the sunshine kept the visibility good. The pistes back to the village were in great condition once more. The run to Innerwengen has to be amongst the best home bound pistes of any ski resort in the world.

An exceptional day for skiing brought 11,042 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 58 kilometres travelled.

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