A cold wind blows

It was only minus two degrees on the balcony this morning and I came close to leaving a layer of clothes at home. Fortunately, caution prevailed.  There was a light but persistent wind on Mannlichen and it was very cold indeed.

The sun shone though and it was the quietest day of the week so far.  It may be quieter still tomorrow as the weather forecast looks indifferent at best. The snow was in great condition once more, except for Schwarzen which was very icy.  It was a case of three turns at most from half way down the piste to the tunnel leading to Fallboden.

                           The Eiger late on

Wixi out performed most other pistes yet again, but first prize goes again to the run to Innerwengen.  The chilly outlook seems set to continue, which should keep the half term crowds amused.

A sunny day, with a real bite to the cold wind blowing, brought 10,491 vertical metres in 21 lift rides and 57 kilometres travelled.

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