New snow, just about

The weather did change last night and some snow fell.  There was new white stuff on the chalet letterboxes this morning and the paths seemed a bit fresher, but it could have been a hard frost overnight and I had to ask to be sure.  It wasn’t a two metre snowfall that is for certain.  May be two millimetres at best.

The weather front, weak as it was, had gone by the morning which dawned bright and clear.  It was a paltry minus one and half degrees on the balcony first thing, but it was deceptive once more.  On the mountain the wind blew, not strongly, but enough to chill the bones.


It was very quiet again. It may be the half term holidays in some Cantons, but Wengen carries on undisturbed. At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, it was the best day of the season so far. All that will change at the weekend I am sure.

The other day a ruptured blood vessel in my right thumb turned it an interesting shade of purple. Since then, it has been cold to the base of the thumb whilst skiing. Mrs IS diagnosed frost nip, but I don’t know, my hands haven’t been that chilled.

A glorious winter’s day brought 10,034 vertical metres in 19 lift rides and 56 kilometres travelled.

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