Some rain, some snow

It did snow last night, but not to the level of the village, which seems to have enjoyed a light rainfall through much of the night. The new snow on the mountain was welcome, without it making much difference to the conditions.

The poor forecast and, in the event, reasonably heavy cloud kept many people away.  It was the busiest day of the week, but for a Saturday in close to high season it was quiet.  It snowed lightly through the day, but again without making any real difference. The trees have a very light coating and the ridges look a little less windswept, but that heavy fall would be most welcome still.


                   A quiet morning at Holenstein

The village was quiet also this afternoon and if the main half term holidays are underway, few travellers had made it to Wengen. It might seem different in the morning.

A good day’s skiing in light snow and occasionally heavy cloud brought 8,666 vertical metres in 19 lift rides and 49 kilometres travelled.

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