They’re here

There did not seem to be many holiday skiers arriving yesterday afternoon, but some time during the evening they slipped into the village.  This morning the valley was full of cloud, but with clearer skies in prospect further up the mountain.  At the cable car we had the longest queue since the Christmas holidays and whilst the mountain was much quieter in the afternoon, high season is here definitely.

There is not a good time to leave Wengen, particularly in the ski season, but the least worst is just now in the February scrum.  The Idle Skiers depart for dear old Blighty tomorrow.  It was supposed to be a flying visit, quite literally, with an onward journey to Calgary and then to Banff inked into the diary.  However, Mrs IS’s long term illness has returned with a vengeance and our travels will end in south west London.  Lightening is not supposed to strike twice, but we had to abandon the same trip last year at about this time.   Some things are destined not to happen and we won’t be risking a third strike out. 

            Skies clearing

For a while today there was near perfect skiing. The clouds had cleared, the snow was good and the holiday skiers had decided it was time for lunch. In the afternoon the cloud returned and for an hour or so this evening, back in the village, it snowed.

A day far better than that anticipated brought 10,280 vertical metres in 20 lift rides and 54 kilometres travelled.

This blog will now be putting its feet up until the end of February.

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