Foehn clouds

It was a beautiful, cold day on the mountain. The skies were blue and the pistes far better than might be expected after several weeks with only a single decent snowfall. This afternoon though the foehn clouds were pressing against the south face of the Eiger. A windy day isn’t in the forecast for tomorrow, but only time will tell.

I made it back to Wengen yesterday, enjoying a near perfect journey, with only a missed connection at Interlaken Ost slowing the trip. The express from Berne had loitered near Thun for a while and the train to Lauterbrunnen does not wait, but I was still in the village by early afternoon. Mind you, I had been awake since 3.00am and it was with relief that I climbed under the duvet last night.

                 Above Wixi chairlift, late on Tuesday afternoon 

The half term crowds have by and large gone home. The mountain is not empty of skiers, but the lift queues are short. It might be very quiet next week. It isn’t good for the village, but it makes the mountain a much happier place.

A short ski yesterday afternoon and a full day today brought 15,510 vertical metres in 32 lift rides and 84 kilometres travelled.

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