More clouds

It has been a great day on the mountain, sunny, cold and not too busy. This morning it looked likely to be a different story. At 8.00am the cloud was thick in the valley, so heavy that I checked the Mannlichen webcam to be sure it hadn’t reached the top of the hill.

All was well though. My cable car emerged into glorious sunshine and blue skies just above the village. A good snow fall would be more than welcome, but there is nothing more dispiriting than a grey, overcast day.

                        Towards Arven

The pistes have been in great condition this last couple of days, which is a credit to the lift companies. February is the last month for snow making. The farmers expect to see their pastures in Spring, not lingering hard packed snow. Yesterday though, the first day of March, snow was still being made above Holenstein. Hopefully, the cows will not mind too much.

A great day on the hill brought 11,704 vertical metres in 24 lift rides and 63 kilometres travelled.

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