Against all odds

The last few mornings have seen cloud in the valley, but today the skies were clear and a sunny day seemed certain. So it turned out. There were more skiers around as the weekend approached, but it wasn’t exceptionally busy. The holiday skiers called it a day at lunchtime for the most part.

                                Towards Murren

It has barely snowed at all for several weeks, just one half way decent fall a few days ago. From Eigerletscher and other high points on the mountain, strands of snow highlight the marked runs. On either side, the snow is thin or nonexistent. However, against all odds, the conditions on piste are exceptionally good. The snow is crisp, not icy and still in first rate condition late in the day.

A memorable day’s skiing brought 11,286 vertical metres in 25 lift rides and 60 kilometres travelled.

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