Saturdays in the Jungfrau Region are normally hectic. It is changeover day for many holidaymakers and on top of that, children ski without cost, so families and ski clubs travel here from far and wide. The village and the mountain hum with activity.

Early on today though there was an unexpected stillness. It was a bright morning, a little cold and with no breeze at all. Down here in the lower part of the village there were few people around and those who were stirring, mainly groups expecting a taxi to the station, waited in silence. The high street was quiet and the cable car as well.

On the mountain it looked likely to be a different story. Many day skiers now travel to Grindelwald and the gondolas to Mannlichen from Grund were full. For an hour during the morning, the pistes were busy.

       Sun catches the edge of the North face this afternoon 

When lunchtime came, restaurant terraces beckoned and most skiers rushed for a table in the sun. The mountain in the afternoon was as quiet as the village had been early in the morning.

A sunny, chilly and tranquil day brought 10,384 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 55 kilometres travelled.

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