Will it snow?

This morning wasn’t as bright as for the last week and there seemed a chance it might be a grey day. However by the time I made it to the cable car, the skies had cleared and the sun was working its way around the Eiger.  A chilly wind was blowing at Mannlichen, and it became colder as the day went on.  It may be March, but still I made a mental note to buy some hand warmers at the Co-op this evening.  In the event, a mental note was not enough and I forgot all about them.

   Light clouds in the afternoon 

After a long period of sunshine there is the prospect of some precipitation in the next few days. Will it snow, will it rain or will the sun shine on? The weather apps tell different stories and as always only time will tell. On the other hand though, the weather apps for the U.K. have been pinging warnings to my iPhone promising most definitely snow for almost every place we know, even as far west as Polzeath in Cornwall. Again, only time will tell if it comes to pass.

Another great day on the mountain brought 12,246 vertical metres in 24 lift rides and 65 kilometres travelled.

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