Is it winter still?

It was dark again this morning and raining in the village. The snow line was a couple of hundred metres further up the mountain, but after yesterday’s humdinger of a day following a poor start, I was hopeful for some good skiing.

However, the cable car was closed by the wind and seemed to have little prospect of opening.  That was a surprise. It was calm in the village and the birds, which come down the hill when the wind blows, were absent. On the tops though the wind was howling.  At Scheidegg only the Arven and Lauberhorn lifts were open when I arrived on the train. Eigernordwand opened for an hour soon after, but the strength of the the wind at Eigerletscher meant it inevitable that it would close quickly.

          Wind and cloud

For a couple of seasons now, March has brought a return to winter after a false spring. Will this happen again this year? The forecast is for stormy weather tomorrow, but with the wind dropping. It might be winter again. We might have some more snow, fingers crossed.

A very windy day brought 7,651 vertical metres in 30 lift rides and 49 kilometres travelled.

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