Three layer day

It was warm today. Three layers of clothing were more than enough. The skiing was very good early on, but south facing slopes softened quickly. The wind picked up as well. I hadn’t checked the forecast and it came as a surprise, though some foehn clouds this morning should have been due warning.

Honegg was closed by early afternoon. Eigernordwand was shut as well and even Arven was running slower than usual. From then on it was a game of chase the open lift. Honegg reopened, as did Eigernordwand, but then both shut again. All other lifts played the same tune. The wind was strong as far as Bumps T bar.

        Hazy morning sunshine

The sky was as fickle. It had been sunny early in the morning, but then a haze developed before blue sky and hot sun took over for the afternoon. Tomorrow should be cold with some snow, at least according to MeteoSwiss.

A day when conditions were varied, to say the least, brought 10,044 vertical metres in 24 lift rides and 57 kilometres travelled.

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